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Knowledge Of Single Shaft Cutting Machine

Scope of application
This machine is mainly suitable for cutting cloth tape ,masking tape, double-sided tape, adhesive tape, foam tape, kraft paper tape, electrical tape, medical tape, PVC/PE/PET/BOPP tape and so on.

Equipped with features
1. The power of the spindle and the circular knife can be adjusted by using the AC motor and the frequency converter to adjust the high and low speed and switch the forward and reverse rotation.
2. The servo motor controls the cutting width, and cooperates with the precision ball screw and slide rail to achieve high-precision cutting.
3. The operation interface uses an LCD touch screen, which can directly input various parameters and function condition settingson the screen.
4. The central control system is a PLC programmable controller. Various sizes can be set in the coaxial line. The computer automatically adjusts the cutting width during cutting.
5. The angle of the circular knife can be adjusted manually. When the cutting plane is not good, the cutting angle can be adjusted manually to avoid changing the knife frequently.
6. The cutting feed power is hydraulically controlled, and the feed speed can be adjusted freely.

Optional equipment
1. Automatic adjustment of the angle of the circular knife: the knife seat adopts an automatic adjustment structure (angle adjustment range ±80), when the cutting plane is not good, the cutting angle can be directly changed.
2. Small tube core cutting shaft: The inner diameter of the tube core can be specified according to customer needs.
3. Cutting shaft support frame: used for cutting tube core length 1.0M tube core diameter below 38mm or tube core length 1.6M tube core diameter below 50mm.
4. Flip-top safety cover: After installation, it can protect the safety of the operator.
5. Sharpening device: This euipment can grind knife at both levels. You don' t need to buy extra blade grinding machine.

Post time: Jun-06-2022